Friday, January 8, 2010

DIY Elegant Affordable Weddings

Want an affordable yet elegant wedding? 
There are a few things you should remember in your planning process to make your day everything you ever wanted.   
Let the location become part of your wedding decor.  Choose a location that will need very little work or decor.  Keep it simple with the decor you choose.  STAY TRUE TO YOUR THEME.  Pick a time of the day that accents your theme.  Don't let too much decor take away from the couple.  This is your day!  You are the centerpiece!  Be kind to your wedding party by choosing attire that looks great on all of them.  They are part of your decor!  Choose afforable invitations and favors.  Keep in mind that with the exception of family and close friends, most of your guests will throw away invitations, programs and favors.  Choose something affordable and simple.  Sometimes simple is so elegant!  Adding ribbon will set the tone to any favor or invitation.  A Spring or Summer outdoor wedding need simple touches like DIY personalized program fan kits which can be customized just for you at  

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  1. you are So right Simple is Elegant! everything looks clean and perfect that way :)